Christina Belloge, has background as a Social Media Marketing Consultant, a Black ex-pat & traveller, transitioning into a travel professional. She is originally from the French Caribbean born in Paris but has lived in the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. She is the Founder and director of Melanin Travels Magic, an online tour operator/ travel agency for the African Caribbean diaspora. She has travelled in over 40+ countries, among 25 in the last 8 years, she favoured mostly Black nations like Cap Verde, Kenya, Tanzania, Jamaica, Ghana Brazil, and Cuba.

She believes she can support the black diaspora by reconnecting with their roots via travel & cultural experiences. We can plan your next holidays( itinerary, accommodation & experiences and connect you with our network of local guides in Haiti, Ghana, Cap Verde, Morocco, Tanzania, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo, and Jamaica.